Story Creation and Editing Workspace

One of the most important parts of an interactive and inclusive digital storytelling platform is the creation and editing workspace page. By enabling people from various backgrounds to share their experiences in different formats, this page on the platform seeks to promote inclusivity and interaction.

The need for this workspace page is because it contains interactive guidelines to improve the storytelling experience. The guidelines can be more interesting and understandable by incorporating multimedia components with interactive step-by-step instructions, instead of just text instructions. This encourages storytellers to experiment with new multimedia elements and narratives.

With these guidelines, the story creation will be simplified. Storytellers can easily develop their stories with the help of the page’s user-friendly and intuitive design.

The creation and editing workspace page contain specific guidelines to meet the needs of the different story formats: written stories, audio narratives, video storytelling, or even a combination of these formats. Furthermore, these guidelines can help in maximizing the experience for storytellers according to the format they select.

The story creation and editing workspace also emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can participate and share their stories.

In addition, the Story Creation and Editing workspace page promotes cooperation among users. It enables them to develop and design their stories. By collaborating, individuals can acquire different points of view, transfer knowledge to one another, and produce a more extensive and engaging story.

In this workspace we will check story creation and editing with Storrito, creating stories using Instagram and YouTube playbooks as valuable guidance on how to tell stories using videos.


    Welcome to Storrito, where storytelling becomes an interactive adventure! Storrito’s mission is to provide you with a user-friendly platform that allows you to be creative and make exciting stories.

    First, you should visit: and sign up or log in.

    With Storrito you can create your Instagram stories and reels on your PC with all the stickers and Storrito will automatically post it without any notification.

    Storytelling is not just about visuals. Structure is one of the essentials as well. That’s where Storrito’s story editor feature comes in. You can plan and arrange your story’s sequence in a logical sense to ensure an enjoyable reading experience for your audience. You can edit the beginning and end of a video as well.

    Figure 1. Scheduling post with Storrito

    Storrito offers a variety of tools and features to enhance your storytelling experience. You can enrich your stories by effortlessly adding images, videos, polls, stickers, hashtags, and emojis to keep your audience engaged and captivated.  Storrito has plenty of editing tools waiting for you! Crop, resize, add some filters, and play with colors, the possibilities for creating visually entertaining stories are endless. Feel free to be creative!

    Figure 2. Editing story in Storrito while scheduling

    Important: Storrito supports multiple formats for storytelling, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories. Check those sections to find detailed instructions and specific guidelines for each format, so you can craft stories that perfectly fit the platform.

    For inspiration, check the examples available on the platform ( and let them spark your imagination for creative storytelling using Storrito.

    Storrito easily transitions between desktop and mobile devices, meaning you can work on your drafts and ongoing projects from anywhere, making it even easier to bring your stories to life. If you ever need any help the Storrito team is here to ensure an enjoyable experience. Now, is the time to create engaging content that will make your audience more interested. What are you waiting for?

    • Creating stories using Instagram

    In social media channels such as Instagram, the skill of storytelling has become an art, which enables the users to engage their followers with interesting visuals and text. In this chapter, we will help you to learn the power of Instagram storytelling, starting from discovering the essence of your story to inspiring emotions among.

    • Before creating your Instagram story, think about the purpose and what will captivate your audience. Is it a personal story, a story about brand or short behind the scenes story? Choose a theme that is in line with your creative desires and stick to it.

    Good practice is campaign “water gives…” focused on the lack of clean water and sanitation. With this campaign the organization highlights how access to clean water is benefitial for people living in poverty.

    • Create a beautiful and engaging storyboard with arrangement of images and storytelling. Each scene should connect smoothly, starting with an engaging beginning, followed by an interesting main part and ending with a logical conclusion. Use stunning visuals, thought provoking words and interactive elements to make your followers curious and delighted.
    • Take your camera or smartphone in hand, capture a collection of breathtaking images that is matching with your story. Go and try for the perfect lighting and make sure your photos and videos are visually appealing and engaging.
    • Edit your content. Check all possible editing tools to refine your content. Check all possible filters which can make your story more aesthetically pleasing and consider using stickers or emojis to make your story different.
    • Your story should begin with an eye-catching first photo or video. It will awaken their curiosity for what is next.
    • Use tools such as boomerang to transition smoothly through scenes. Use text and captions to explain the story context and highlight what is important, but keep it simple, clear, and short.
    • Increase engagement with hashtags, polls, and quizzes that will invite your followers to click or swipe and engage with your content. A great example is New York City Public Library. Using hashtags like #BookFaceFriday, which are not only fun and engaging with the audience but it is challenging their creativity.
    • Timing is everything. Make sure you don’t post too much so you don’t bore your audience or too little so they would lose interest.
    • Engage with your audience.  Answer questions, respond to curiosity, and keep the connection alive.

    When telling a story on Instagram, the most important is the visuals you use which will capture the viewer’s attention. The content should be visually attractive, interesting, and in line with the point you are trying to make.

    • Guidelines on YouTube Playbook on how to create stories

    YouTube playbooks can serve as valuable guidance on how to successfully tell stories through videos. They usually offer useful tips such as:

    How to structure narratives;

    How to create interesting characters;

    How to use visual storytelling techniques;

    How to keep the audience interested throughout the video.

    Basic guidelines when creating a content:

    1. The story has to be correct.

    2. Tell a story in a way to connect with the audience’s emotions.

    3. Think about how your video can help you reach your objective(maybe raising awareness about some topic?)

    4. Inspire the audience to participate in some way after watching the video

    One of the storytelling formats is story sharing.

    • Sharing Our Stories format is a fantastic way for storytelling.  These videos draw inspiration from true stories from viewers. YouTube creators, and the Internet at large. It highlights stories we might normally not share (for instance, mistakes or fears), like this excellent example is this Buzz Video on mental health because it offers a sense of connection and encouragement to not judge others (and ourselves).
    • Wonderous World is another format of storytelling that can be used to tell a story of a new place, often accompanied by a title that promises a story of a new unseen place and a new experience. A great example is this video which shares the story of a passionate person like the founder of the Coral Restoration Foundation who shows a video of healing the ocean with a garden of coral. The video shows diversity and shared human experience.
    • Impact in Action is another format that has proven to be a great way of storytelling. What we call “Impact in Action” is a video with an important cause, which shows the good practices of organizations. A great example is this video from Hope for Paws, a non-formal rescue group. They show their daily work of rescuing animals.
    • Experiment in Empathy is another engaging format for storytelling. It often includes videos of apparently different groups, which eventually show the similarities we have(Teens vs Parents, Millionaires vs Minimum Wage Workers). Check the video on Jubilee Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money? Check the goal of the video: to challenge assumptions about others and live with more empathy.